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Appropriate lighting may change a home out of all recognition. Thus, it’s therefore worth choosing from a range of chandeliers that will highlight your unique taste of beauty.

Chandeliers encompassing modern and traditional household concepts

Top-quality materials, cutting-edge design, own production and unique character. These are the features that are currently boasting manufacturers, however, not only within the range of chandeliers. Nevertheless, the key characteristics of chandeliers remain as mentioned. Peculiar design is of high importance while creating an exceptional atmosphere in an interior. Living rooms, kitchens or bedrooms, and much more. Such lamps are used widely for interior design of offices or restaurants.

Which material to choose?

Chandeliers are usually made of a combination of various materials. You may choose not only typical chandeliers made of metal, but also wooden or ceramic. For each type of the interior there are several options to choose from. While metal may emphasize the industrial design of the interior, wood creates a cozy impression of being at home. Ceramic plays a balancing role then, however, such a material may also fit for offices, providing quite an elegant feeling.

The sky is the limit, which means that each material type may be applied exactly whenever the customer wants. So you may choose from a wide range of different chandeliers. With or without shade, there are a number of metal, wooden or ceramic chandeliers. 

Fixed or loose position

Although crystal chandeliers are mainly intended to be fixed on the ceiling, you may also find one for floor fixing. Typical are glass chandeliers, which were popular in the last century. However, the modified concept of glass chandeliers is becoming more and more time-sensitive. This also applies to chandeliers hanging on chains.

Why our range is so demanded?

Cutting-edge design of each product = a possibility to see the same chandelier being at your neighbor’s home is kept to minimum

Any product will perfectly fit to any interior design = no doubt you will find a chandelier (or even two) to do up your living room, kitchen, bedroom, office, hallway or even restaurant

You have an opportunity to opt between sever types of chandeliers = the range covers both hanging chandeliers and chandeliers on chains, other features, or also items with or without shade

Wide assortment of materials = you may also choose from various material types („pure“ or combined ones): wood, metal, crystal etc.

Different shape of chandeliers if you are interested in a particular form, you may choose between conventional or customized shapes (round, diamond-shaped, triangle etc.) 

Moreover, you have an option to choose from a broad spectrum of color combinations as well as a number of bulbs to be fixed on particular chandeliers. Everything mentioned above provide you with the opportunity to create a unique chandelier that will light up your taste of beauty.